Starving Artist?

7 Jan

Bill Johnson at his home showing his new line Transient

Could you imagine living off of your art? Could you imagine the work of your hands being the bread of your life? For so many of us thats our dream. I know so many writers, rappers, painters, and designers who by day are government workers, cubicle rats, and other miscellaneous members of the American workforce to pay the bills.

At a cocktail party a few weeks ago I met Bill Johnson. Bill is a celebrated DC based sculpture and furniture designer. He was even nominated of the Mayor’s Award for his work around the city. Recently, Bill launched his own men’s clothing line called “Transient”. After owning a successful boutique with his wife, the two divorced and went their separate ways and Bill started his clothing line. When I spoke with Bill he said that he hadn’t worked for anyone since 1995. For the past 15 years, Bill has been supportng himself off of his sculptures and furniture and now he is embarking on design.

I cant wait until the day I can say the same. I cant wait until the day that I can say I am a full time designer and thats how I pay my bills. Bill and other serve as inspiration for me. They make me truly inspired, encouraged, and excited about this new journey I am embarking on.

Check out my article on Bill at The Smugger Magazine


2 Responses to “Starving Artist?”

  1. cynthia Khaled January 8, 2010 at 1:13 am #

    Yes! I can imagine living off my Art, I have a full time job However this is a goal that i’m working on to make a reality.


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