Style & Error

18 Jan

When this year began I committed to getting my design career on track. I committed to learning and honing my craft and producing work I could be proud of. However in that time I have let other things fall by the way side. When I was laid off in October 2009, I started looking for a plan B  and that was law school. My whole life people had said to me “you should be an attorney”. So I began taking LSAT prep classes and took the test in December. The day the idea for this blog came to me, I was emailed my score. I am pretty content with the score and I know it is good enough to get me into my first choice law school but my application is currently sitting in a corner collecting dust.

I am at a crossroads here. Pursuing a design career is very important to me but I must be realistic and know that a career in the arts is a difficult one to get started. It is also difficult to be recognized for your work and to eventually be paid for that work. So basically I am stepping out on faith. But what about law school you ask? Well…I am still going to apply. To some of my friends it’s a practical and pragmatic thing to do. Why not go to school and pursue your design dream part-time. Other friends think it’s a fool hearted thing to do. Some of them say  it’s not fair to the field of law and those who have dreamt of law careers their whole life  to use it as a security blanket and some say law is no easy field to master and I will be playing myself to think I can just give it a shot.

However I need to make the decision that is best for me. Law school seems like the greatest challenge to me. The best and the brightest minds coming together in a classroom to study justice is an exciting idea to me. I am up for challenge. Cant you tell? I am committed to sewing all of my clothes this year. Thats a challenge if I’ve ever heard of one.

When our parents were in their twenties, their hope was to graduate from school and find the perfect career where they can get the perfect job and get a gold watch after 25 years and a pension. But in this day and age not only do people change their jobs as much as they change their underwear but they change careers just as often. It’s about trial and error. It’s about trying those things that will make you happy and trying your hand at success at those things. If success is not the outcome then its about knowing to try again and try harder or to try something else.

I am going to try law school and try a design career at the same time. To some that may seem like a lofty idea and I don’t care. I know that I am a capable able-bodied person of sound mind and I enjoy a challenge. Not only that, but I love to learn. I am ready to learn what makes me truly happy and I am ready to learn more about myself an my capabilities. So this week I am committed to completing my law school application and…making a jumpsuit.

4 Responses to “Style & Error”

  1. Christina Popoola January 18, 2010 at 2:30 pm #

    That is great Nichole stick to your dreams!

  2. Madi January 20, 2010 at 2:47 pm #

    wow this really spoke to me… in the same position… def try both! Why not? It cant hurt right. we have so much time to grow and learn.

  3. Ikechukwu January 25, 2010 at 2:01 am #

    shoot for the stars Nichole…you’re smart enough and talented enough.

    Duro Olowu, the London-based Nigerian designer, was a lawyer and he eventually ditched it to do fashion design full-time. I know you can follow and even top his footsteps!! YOU GO!!!


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