Been gone for a minute now I’m back with the JUMPSUIT

17 Mar

Its been over a MONTH since my last post and I know  I’ve been gone for a while but I committed in my post Style & Error to finally submit my law school applications and to  make a jumpsuit. I don’t think  I had any idea how difficult both would be. Lets start with the law school applications: remember when you were applying to undergrad and you just put everything they wanted in a large manila envelope postmarked by the date and sent it off? Well that’s not quite the case for law school. You have to turn in all your transcripts and letters of recommendation to the Law School Admission Council who then turns them into your schools of choice. Then you turn in the actual application, your resume, and personal statement online. In essence this process is not that difficult but it is very tedious. Going back to your alma mater to request forms, and ship this and ship that, and upload this and upload that, and then wait…

I’ll be honest the most difficult part of this process was the personal statement. Writing in 2-3 pages your life story and why you want to be an attorney has got to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.I can blog to the universe about myself everyday , and tweet my most random thoughts, but to write eloquently and concisely about my WHOLE life? Now that’s a doozy. It took me about a MONTH to realize that the reason why it was so hard for me to write was I couldn’t quite put into words why I wanted to be an attorney. I started writing something about justice and jurisprudence and all that shit and it just didn’t sound natural. Then I started to write the truth…I have been out of school for two years and I don’t know what else to do while I am working on my clothing line. I can’t quite sit on my ass all day while I build a brand so I’ll just get a law degree from your school. Quickly I thwarted that option because no school in their right mind would pick a candidate like that.

For the past 30 days I have been having nightmares about this law school thing My anxiety was on high and I actually started drinking coffee (Starbucks tall white mocha hold the whip cream to be exact).So finally I dug deep and came up with a good personal statement. It was actually a lot more personal than I thought it would be. And yes, it actually took over a month for me to write. I came up with the notion that why I want to go to law school is not quite important. Whats important is what I would like to do as an attorney. It dawned on me that I will become a successful designer anyway so as an attorney I would like to be a public defender. Yes that’s right, a public defender. When it comes to that lawyer money; public defenders make the least of it. But I don’t care. I’m going to eventually make beaucoup dollars doing what I love so to serve the public will be its own reward.

Think about it; law school would actually be doing me a service. While I am in school I will be working on building my line part-time. Being in school gives you the flexibility to live of your student loan/scholarships/grants/fellowships while you pursue a degree. I rather do tat than work a job I hate ALL day and work on my line part-time. In the three/four years it will take me to graduate; I would’ve made so much progress in the development of my line. In turn, I will give back to the field of law by serving the public.

In my head this plan makes sense.

I turned in all my apps last  Monday and now all a girl can do is wait and pray. Now I bet you’re wondering if it really took me over a month to make a jumpsuit. YES IT DID! I went to my least favorite fabric store (which shall remain nameless) and bought this beautiful silk that was on sale. I thought a silk jumpsuit a la Studio 54 would be so cute for the summer. Now that it’s practically done I hate it. I bet you’re thinking “Man she’s really hard on herself, didn’t she hate that gown she made in her post ‘What Extraordinary Looks Like too? She hates everything“. Well you’re right I am hard on myself. But the main reason I dont like the suit is it’s a little too much Baby Phat and not enough me.

Thats the difficulty in picking fabric. Things look and feel nice on the roll but when you make the actual piece; it’s not always what you imagined. I do like the fact that I made an open back and I’ve decided to make the bottom cute little bubble shorts. I just can’t quite figure out how I want to finish the sleeves. I was thinking a puff sleeve to go with the bubble shorts or a flutter sleeve to go with the Studio 54 disco theme. I’m going to finish the jumpsuit this weekend. I hope you all like the finished product!

Either way I’m back! I know I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back with the jumpsuit!

Jumpsuit FRONT: Unfinished sleeves and the makings of a bubble short

Jumpsuit BACK: open back

One Response to “Been gone for a minute now I’m back with the JUMPSUIT”

  1. KHill2BaDD March 18, 2010 at 9:54 am #

    So I LOOOOOVEEEEE the back of the jumpsuit. They are REALLY hard to make and the first one I made was out of broad cloth (TERRIBLE fabric choice). And as far as law school goes, it will all be fine. FYI, I work for the legal dept of the UNCF and we have a Westlaw subscription. Let me know if you ever need me to help you pull stuff! Keep your head up – it will all work out fine1

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