I Feel Love

18 Mar

I am convinced I am in an exclusive relationship with my sewing machine. A few weekends ago I had NO commitments and committed myself to sewing. I had every evening free to party with my girls and every afternoon free to brunch and shop and hang out in the District but instead I was with my sewing machine. I went back to my least favorite fabric store because even though their selection sucks their sale rack is the bomb. I bought 2 yards of this mint green Georgette fabric and instantly saw a ruffled blouse in my head. I saw something dainty and disco. I don’t know what my new found fixation with the 70s is but I just see the 70s in my head all the time. I see bright lights and Studio 54 and Donna Summer in my head all the time.

So that weekend I just sewed and sewed and sewed this gorgeous retro blouse and I love it. It has long puckered sleeves with a half-inch cuff at the wrist. It also has a deep v-neck with full ruffles along the neckline. Because the material is translucent this is the perfect blouse to go bra-less in. Lets take it all the way back to the 70s and take off our bras! The ruffles lay perfectly on the bosom so there will be no inappropriate nip slips. When I finally finished the blouse I was happy…then sad.

I thought to myself if I had a boyfriend would I be home every night on a weekend sewing? What I love/hate about living in DC is the weekends are built for boyfriends. During the week there are so many nightlife spots to hit up with your girls. From Monday to Thursday there is somewhere fabulous to party every night. But on the weekends the city slows down and people couple up. On a Tuesday night I can be at my favorite spot (Policy on 14th Street) with my girls downing Patron sours and dancing on a table while a hottie-with-a-body makes eye contact with me. On Saturday afternoon, I can be in Columbia Heights doing my grocery shopping  and peep that same hottie from Tuesday night holding hands with some mystery girl on their way to brunch.

DC Weekends are made for love. Whenever my friends come to town for the weekend they  ask “Where’s the hot spot to go out tonight?” and I always draw a blank. There are no DC weekend party spots. DC weekends are for leisurely museum patronage,  bookstore browsing, boutique buying, brunching, hand holding, and dinner dates. DC Weekends are not for the single gal. Maybe that’s why it was so easy to stay in with my sewing machine and watch Friday night turn to Saturday and watch Saturday turn to Sunday.

Until I am on boyfriend status my nights will be spent cuddled up with my sewing machine. It’s just like a boyfriend. it can be unreliable; I constantly have to retread it and undo knots. But just like a boyfriend it can also be so supportive. Everyday it’s turning my dreams into reality. The next date I go on I am going to wear the 70s inspired mint green ruffled blouse I made. Maybe it will bring me luck. As I put it on I’ll play Donna Summer’s disco hit “I Feel Love” over and over in my head.

Ruffled Georgette Blouse

4 Responses to “I Feel Love”

  1. cb March 18, 2010 at 9:22 am #

    I totally agree!! Nightlife in DC is actually kind of better during the week for the 21+ crowd…if you go out on the weekends you’re most likely going to be in the mix with a younger crowd.

  2. KHill2BaDD March 18, 2010 at 11:13 am #

    I agree but word to the wise: I am 22 and in a relationship that I often times feel “stuck” in, so I feel your pain in regards to the weekend. I spend the weekends often times alone and away from him so I recently started doing something to occupy my time. Every other weekend (or so) I go up to NY; there’s tons to do there ALLLLL the time and you can get cheap transportation and cheap hotels in Manhattan. PLUS for you, it would be great to spend a lot of time in the garment district and visit some off the wall fabric stores for materials for the low.

    In regards to your blouse, I must say it is VERY you! the fabric looks so luxurious and the darting detail is quite impressive!

  3. Z March 18, 2010 at 1:52 pm #

    “I Feel Love” is such an amazing song.

  4. FRONT March 18, 2010 at 2:10 pm #

    Boyfriends are very fun. But when we don’t have one we tend to feel that we are lacking something. Or maybe that God is telling us that we are not yet whole enough on our own to be someone’s other half.

    However, I’ve discovered that those two options are not the only ones. Front, you have something special. Beside that fact that you tell everyone how fabulous you are all the time (lol), we know it already. That said, God is telling you something different. He is showing you that your attention should be drawn elsewhere. Meaning, those Saturday and Sunday nights SHOULD, in fact, be spent with your sewing machine. This time may not be fun. Your sewing machine will not and cannot do what a boyfriend could. That’s just real. You have sacrifice before and you will do it again for the next thing you want really bad.

    “Sew” here’s my question: You have been called, will you answer?

    Always got you BACK!

    Your Back

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