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Nichole Alabi S/S 2010: Shola One Shoulder Top

23 Jun

Does anyone remember the first time or any time your mother did something to show that she believed in your talent or potential? Even though before hand she would sweep your requests for support under the rug and hope to God it was just a phase. Over the holidays my passion to create was strong; so strong that I stole fabric from my mother forever marking me a “Closet Klepto”. So if you are not going to give it to me I will just take it (…at least that’s what I told myself)!  Well, the Shola blouse was inspired by just that! When my mother, Shola,  finally believed I could create these fabulous garments she came to DC for my birthday last month and surprised me almost 27 yards of fabric as a birthday gift! This blouse was the first garment that I made with  the material she bought. Thanks mom, I love you!

Nichole Alabi S/S 2010: Shola One Shoulder Top

Front View

Back View

Ruffle Detail

Sometimes You Gotta Snatch Your Own Snatch

21 Jun

So I gave myself a bikini wax this weekend. To be honest it’s something I had been thinking about doing for a long time. Usually I go to my girl Knong at Bang Salon for my monthly maintenance and every time I go (as I lay these and she rips me to shreds) I think “I could do this myself“. Women usually say that bikini waxes hurt less after a while….ummmm thats bullshit. I got my first one in 2006 when I went to Miami for the first time for Spring Break. That day I became addicted to two things that caused me pain; Miami and bikini waxes. While Miami puts a hurting on my wallet and I still go back just about every year; waxing puts a hurting on my nether region and I still go back just about every month.

As I’ve been working on this collection I have become more conscious of my finances. In an attempt to live the same fabulous lifestyle I always have; I’ve had to make a few cuts. While redoing my budget for the summer I thought about that $50 a month I spent snatching my snatch and I had the idea that I could save that money and do it myself.

Without much research I took a walk to my neighborhood CVS Pharmacy and perused the hair removal isle. I checked out all the different products and finally settled on “Sally Hansen Brazilian Bikini Wax Kit”. Why? Because it sounded the most comprehensive. Ten bucks later I was home and ready to get to work. This kit was the type were you heated up the wax, spread it on, let it harden, and then rip it off!. There were no strips; no pretense, and I had no clue what I was doing.

As I slapped on the warm wax, let it harden, and prepared for the first tug I thought to myself “Why is it easier to let others hurt you than to hurt yourself?“. This moment was causing me great anxiety. All I was going to do was what Knong had been doing just about every month. And every month as she waxed me faster and rougher than I was comfortable with and chit-chatted about inappropriate things like how Nigerians are the best at credit card fraud, I thought “I could do this by my damn self!” The difference would be that I know my own body and I could go at my own pace and skip the chatter while my iPod was on shuffle providing me with soothing sounds.

But in this moment, in my own bathroom, I was terrified. It made me think of last summer when I dated this guy we’ll call B. He was tall and dark just like I liked and a young entrepreneur who played golf every Friday and graduated from my alma mater Howard University. By those credentials alone he was definitely on the fast track to husband material. After one week of dating he showed sure-fire signs that whatever was going on with us was NOT going to work. But I, like many women, have a difficult time breaking it off with someone . Yea we can walk out if we were cheated on (and some women even stay through that) or we can walk out if we’ve been physically abused (and some women can even stay through that) but we can’t walk out if there is something intrinsically wrong.

That was the issue with he and I. We just didn’t mesh. But he was so cute and so smart that I didn’t understand why things wouldn’t work? After about a month there were more signs and I made an attempt to break things off. In doing so…I was heartbroken so we rekindled the already dim flame. By the time we were about four months in B broke it off with me and again I was heartbroken. In hindsight I realized it was easier for me to let him break my heart than for me to do it myself. It was easier for me to let him give his little speech and be the one to call things off than it was for me to do it. Why is it easier to let other people hurt you than for you to hurt yourself?

Yes I was sad when I called things off with him but I should have just ridden it out. I knew I was making the right decision but at the time that decision made me sad. The mere fact that I was causing my own sadness was much too much for me to handle. But when he caused the same sadness I don’t know why it felt OK.

So as I prepared to pull off that first patch of wax I thought about B and let ‘er rip! It hurt like hell. No, it hurt like the fires of hell had risen up through my bathroom floor just to singe me. But at least it was me hurting me and not Knong, or B, or anyone else. I kept on ripping until I had a perfectly manicured front lawn. After an ibuprofen and a nap I decided next month I would be back to CVS and visiting my girl Sally Hansen. My hope is that as it gets easier for me to hurt myself it will get harder for others to do it.

Nichole Alabi S/S 2010 Jane of the Jungle

2 Jun

The other night I was perusing my On Demand when I came across a block of Demi Moore movies. Encore On Demand deemed it Demi month or something and put out a selection of her best movies. Beyond her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, you almost forgot she had any sort of film career. Scrolling through titles like “St. Elmo’s Fire” and “The Juror” I came across “G.I. Jane”. I couldn’t remember if the film was good or not but I needed to watch something to jostle up a little inspiration so I pressed play and pulled out my sketch pad (yea…I sketch!).

For those who havent seen the film, it’s about a Senator who wants to push gender equality for women in the Navy so she seeks to find a woman to infiltrate the Navy SEALs. The SEALs is the hardest branch of the navy as it has a 60% dropout rate. Demi is recruited as the woman for the job. She is a lieutenant looking to advance her career and is up for the challenge. Along the way many stand in her way including her commanding officer, classmates, an even the Senator who originally put her up for the job but she perseveres blah blah blah.

When I first began to develop my line I knew I wanted my pieces to be inspired by strong women. Fictional women, women in film, real life women, women in my life; I just wanted strong women to be the template for my clothing. It is my belief that putting on a garment inspired by one of these women will hopefully let a little of their strength rub off on me. So what better woman to gain strength from than G.I. Jane?

With the material I jacked from my mom over the holidays in my Closet Kelpto post I created this piece inspired by G.I. Jane.

The printed romper is inspired by G.I. Jane but with a jungle twist! Jane of the Jungle is an awesome look for the summer as it works as a playful summer look or as a swimsuit coverup. The piece is elastic at the waist and bust making it easy to slip on and off. It also boasts a matching self tie belt. The exciting print also boasts fun details like hidden pockets and bubble shorts.

Jane of the Jungle


Self-tie belt!