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I Cant Be Broke For You

29 Jul

When I am sewing my favorite background noise is HBO on Demand. I go to the HBO series section and watch a whole season of one of my favorite shows. If I ever decided to buy some stocks I would definitely invest in HBO because they have the best shows! From True Blood to the Wire ; whichever executive is in charge of greenlighting new programming is a genius and probably bathing in a tub of liquid gold somewhere. The other day I decided to watch the final season of Sex in the City. In one of the last episodes Carrie Bradshaw decided to move to Paris with her new lover much to the disappointment of her best friend Miranda. Miranda thinks Carrie is giving up her amazing job and lifestyle for a chance at love with a guy she barely knows. While this is an understandable viewpoint; I totally get where Carrie is coming from.

Carrie looks around and sees her three closest friends moving forward with life and love. Her friend Charlotte is married to a loving man and working on becoming a mother. Even her friend Samantha, the self-proclaimed single girl, found love and is giving monogamy a try. Then to hear objections from her friend Miranda, a happily married mother, Carrie was absolutely fed up. In their final disagreement about the big move to Paris Carrie said one of the most profound statements I’ve ever heard: “I can’t stay here and be single for you“.

I’ve seen this episode a million times but this time the statement resounded with relevance. The more I build my business as a fashion designer the more my peers think I shouldnt go to law school. In my opinion, they want me to fit humbly into their starving artist box. While they are working stable salaried jobs or obtaining post-graduate degrees its like they almost want me to be struggling day-to-day pursuing my art while  I feast on chicken flavored ramen noodles.

As they color it with phrases like “Follow your dream Nichole” and “Be true to your passion Nichole” all I do is roll my eyes and watch my bank account dwindle. For example, a friend of mine who graduated from undergrad last year is currently traveling the country working for a major corporation. Every few months they move her to a new state and put her up in a paid for hotel all the while making more in a month than I’ve made all year. Recently this friend said I should be a full-time designer and skip law school. I  hit her with my remixed version of Carrie Bradshaw’s line when I replied “I can’t be broke for you“.

While friends like her think they are encouraging me to pursue a design career they are actually offending the hell out of me. Here she is 22 years old and travelling the world making mad money. Doesnt she think I want that too? I can’t play starving artist just because it’s a cute conversation piece just like Carrie couldn’t stay single just because it made for a successful sex column. She and I both crave a level of happiness and stability that people all around us seem to be attaining.

I have so much to learn as a designer and so much time to do it. Law school for me is a doorway to a level of financial freedom I have never experienced. A friend of mine worked an internship after her first year of law school that paid $3000 a week. I’ve never even made that much in a month; not in my whole entire life! Law school starts in two weeks and I am excited. While others may not be; I surely am because it isn’t about them; it’s about me. Is school I will continue to work on my craft. While I may not have as much time as I do now I will still continue to design and improve my skills.

I’d love to finish watching the rest of the final season of Sex and the City to see what other lessons Carrie has in store for me, but my cable was cut off for failure to pay the bill. Just another day in the life of a starving artist.

Its My Party I’ll Look Fly if I Want to!

28 Jul

When it comes to custom clothing there is nothing I like more than making a girl’s birthday dress. Being a part of someone’s special day makes me all warm and gooey inside. Think about it; most girls have had a birthday dress since their very first birthday. From that first birthday where your folks posed you  knife in hand simulating a cake cutting; you had on a special dress. Granted your parents knew you would only ruin it with the birthday cake that you didn’t have the motor skills to eat; yet they sill wanted you wearing something commemorative.

Recently I made a birthday dress for one of by closest friends Courtney. When I begin a consultation for a birthday dress  the first thing I ask is what the girl doesn’t like. For example I’m not a big fan of strapless dresses and I despise halter dresses (I have broad shoulders and a small chest so I try my best not to look like linebacker). Why don’t I ask what a girl likes? Good question. I never ask that because I like to keep my consultations down to thirty minutes and a girl can talk about her likes all day.

Since I am a designer and not a seamstress I am not comfortable with a girl giving me a picture of a dress and telling me to recreate it. In those situations I usually tell the girl that if she wants the dress in the picture she should just buy the dress in the picture. So instead of asking a girl what she wants to wear on her birthday I ask her what she wants to look like. To that question Courtney replied “fun and sexy“.

In the next part of the consultation I tell the girl how I see her and relay my interpretation of her style. Since I met her, Courtney has always reminded me of the cartoon character Judy Jetson. Judy is a cute spunky teenager who is ultra girly in a futuristic way. So once I started sketching and  I came up with a design that looked like what Judy might wear on her 23rd birthday. Together we came up with a shiny stretch mini-dress in Judy’s signature pink. We added futuristic peaked cap sleeves and, black racing stripes, and a low back accented by a neon green zipper.

On your birthday whether you’re having dinner with your boo or partying and popping bottles of champagne with your girlfriends; you should be wearing something no one else will ever own and feel special wearing it. I am glad my design was a part of Courtney’s special day.

Judy Jetson

Courtney Front

Courtney Back