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Family Affair

16 Sep


When my cousin Christina commissioned me to make her birthday dress I was a nervous wreck. Chris goes to Nigeria every year and has had countless outfits made for Nigerian events so she knows what she likes and what she doesn’t. Unlike my other clients, who leave the fabric and the style up to me, Chris not only let me know that she wanted a short strapless dress but she also sent me the fabric she wanted to use. I told you she knows what she likes…

So I created this strapless bubble dress with invisible pockets. The sweetheart neckline and waistband complement the African wax print. There is rouching along the skirt and the bust and it was exactly what my cousin wanted!

Ya’ll know how being a part of a girl’s birthday make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…but being a part of my cousin’s birthday makes it that much more special.




Mercii Mercii Me

15 Sep



When you make custom clothing for a client you can only hope that they will wear it exactly the way you see it in your head. Well…maybe that’s not every designer’s hope, but it surely is mine. This is the second custom garment Mercii has ordered from me and she is such an awesome representative of my brand. 

The garment is of African wax cloth that was imported from Nigeria. It is a romper with an exposed zipper and invisible pockets. The demure detail of the self tie spaghetti straps is complimented by the sweetheart neckline. Mercii accessorized it with vintage detailed earing and an oversized bangle. I’m so proud to have my garment modeled by an amazing representative, customer, and friend! 

Mercii Me





Zipper detail


Tie straps



Totally Awesome

14 Sep

80s Prom

A few weeks ago I went to a 25th birthday party for a friend of a friend and the theme was the 80s prom. Now, I’m not sure if you know but I HATE themed/costume parties. I hate them. I just despise those little shits. My issue with these types of parties is two-fold. One…I hate people telling me what to wear and two….I hate wearing what other people are wearing. Which is why I don’t dress up for Halloween, have never been to an “All-White Party”, and why I turned down this 80s Prom invite on sight.

That was until I remembered that I made the cutest little neon pink mini dress! What is more 80s than neon pink? The short sleeve sweetheart dress has an elastic waistband and a nude mesh yoke and back. I threw on a faux leather fanny pack and suede power pumps and braved my worst nightmare – the costume party.

The 80s prom was a really good time… actually it was even better than my real prom. They played a lot of my favorite retro hits, there was a photo booth, an awesome spiked punch, and in true prom fashion…I made out with a guy who wasn’t my prom date! I’m still not sold on this idea of dressing up for a party but I will say I am definitely more open-minded. I may even attempt Halloween this year…only if I make my costume.





13 Sep

Jaime B-Day Dress

Ya’ll know I love to make a girl’s birthday dress! Jaime Bowman came to me for a dress for her second 22nd birthday. Jaime is from New York and shares a birthday with her mother. Since she was born their tradition was to spend it together. But this year Jaime is fresh out of college and working her first job in another state. When her birthday came around she wasn’t with friends and family and didn’t get to celebrate it the way she’s used to. So the following weekend she scheduled a trip home to re-do her birthday and she wanted to do it in one of my dresses.

Jaime gave me full creative control (which I love) and I thought Jaime Bowman…BOWman…BOWS! I created a colorful one sleeve frock for this 80s baby. The sleeve is covered in bows hat decrease in size from the shoulder to the wrist. The body conscious teal is juxtaposed by the Bill Cosby-sweater printed bows.

I’m so glad Jaime got to redo her birthday the right way and she looked amazing in her dress!



Bow appliqué detail