Totally Awesome

14 Sep

80s Prom

A few weeks ago I went to a 25th birthday party for a friend of a friend and the theme was the 80s prom. Now, I’m not sure if you know but I HATE themed/costume parties. I hate them. I just despise those little shits. My issue with these types of parties is two-fold. One…I hate people telling me what to wear and two….I hate wearing what other people are wearing. Which is why I don’t dress up for Halloween, have never been to an “All-White Party”, and why I turned down this 80s Prom invite on sight.

That was until I remembered that I made the cutest little neon pink mini dress! What is more 80s than neon pink? The short sleeve sweetheart dress has an elastic waistband and a nude mesh yoke and back. I threw on a faux leather fanny pack and suede power pumps and braved my worst nightmare – the costume party.

The 80s prom was a really good time… actually it was even better than my real prom. They played a lot of my favorite retro hits, there was a photo booth, an awesome spiked punch, and in true prom fashion…I made out with a guy who wasn’t my prom date! I’m still not sold on this idea of dressing up for a party but I will say I am definitely more open-minded. I may even attempt Halloween this year…only if I make my costume.





One Response to “Totally Awesome”

  1. Leslie September 14, 2010 at 10:14 am #

    My birthday is on Halloween so Ive always done costume parties- even for my 30th. And I make everybody’s costumes–my boys, mine, hubby’s, nephew, Godson—I really enjoy it. You should go for it. It’s more fun when the outfit is creative

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