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A Lil’ Somethin’ Somethin’

30 Nov

Killing 'em in the Cropped Kente

For my girl Javai’s birthday I was uber proud to be celebrating with her while she wore one of my custom creations…but you know I had to whip up a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for myself. After Javai’s final fitting I had but a few hours to make the necessary alterations to her dress, find something for me to wear, and get ready. Once I took care of Javai’s look I rummaged through my fabric basket to see what I could use to whip up a look for me. I wanted something that wouldn’t overshadow the birthday girl but yet still promote my brand.

Using some West African Kente cloth fabric, I made a cropped puff sleeve top with a simple zipper up the back. Paired with some high-waisted faux leather leggings, a tribal beaded necklace, and peep-toe booties; I achieved an effortless look that was oh so haute!


Puff Sleeve


A Break in Tradition

29 Nov

Javai Birthday Dress

Every girl has her birthday tradition. For my friend Javai, since she turned 21, her birthday has included getting a new dress from BCBG and partying VIP style at a hot DC nightclub. Since the tradition began I have been a witness and a to the festivities. This year Javai wanted to put a spin on things and she asked me to make her birthday dress. I was honored and I decided to make her a dress worthy of her special day.

I made her a navy body conscious dress with a unique twist on the one-shoulder twist. The dress featured lilac diagonal panels highlighting her curves and one lilac asymmetrical strap. The dress was perfect for a night out with the girls and Javai was pleased to break her birthday tradition just to have a Nichole Alabi custom creation.



All Bordeaux Everything

12 Nov

Bordeaux Romper - Bordeaux Tights - Bordeaux Bag - Bordeaux Cardigan

Saturday of Homecoming weekend is usually the most event filled day! The day kicks off with tailgating, the game, singing with Sorors on our sorority plot, the Step Show, and some culminating party. On any given year it is rare that I make it to ALL of those events. Though I want to, it is highly aspirational for me to take part in all of my scheduled Saturday activities. Either way, I tried to come up with an outfit that can go all day if need be. I wanted something I could wear to the game (and not freeze my ass off) that would look equally cute if I ended up at a chic soiree for the night.

The monochromatic look was big this season so this was my attempt. I created a satin-back crepe bordeaux  romper with a deep “U” neck line, with bordeaux mesh panels on the shoulder and sides. I paired it with gold jewelry (my homage to Bollywood) and bordeaux patterned tights, bag, and a cardigan I got from Urban Outfitters.

That day I only made it to a mimosa induced brunch, the Step Show, and a house party; but I was definitely prepared to go all day and night.

Bordeaux Romper

Mesh Shoulder Detail

Puff Sleeve

Mesh Side Panels

Check me out backstage at the Step Show


With my Fellow Homecoming 2007 Step Team Member and Law School Classmate (and Bestie!)

Step Team '07, '09, and 2010

Step Team '07, '09, and 2010

Buddies Backstage at the Step Show

2010 Step Team on Stage

Behind the Velvet Rope

11 Nov

Welcome to my Velvet Empire

Following the reunion and the yard I debuted a romantic velvet look to L’Aiglon Mansion. With the stresses of law school, I desperately missed my old life as a DC party-girl. So in preparation for my reintroduction to DC nightlife I created this head-turning velvet look. This was my first time working with velvet and there is nothing easy about it! But the end result was well worth it.

This velvet one shoulder look has 3/4 length sleeve and a peplum skirt. I paired it with a faux leather skirt, leather fingerless gloves, and velvet pumps. Like my look, my night was flawless! The Mansion was packed with all the people I love, J.Cole performed, and the drinks were flowing!

One Shoulder Velvet Blouse with Peplum

Check out more pics of my great night out

Getting Ready with my Girls

My big sister, friend, and fellow Howard Law Student

A Beautiful Night to Live my Beautiful Life!


10 Nov

I usually kick off Homecoming weekend on Friday by attending my sorority  reunion and Yardfest; a festival on HU’s main yard with vendors and performers. It doesn’t feel like Homecoming without the Reunion or the Yard. While rappers have rapped about and reporters have reported on HU’s Homecoming being an amazing party weekend, the important part of it all is the “coming home” part; and nothing feels more home than getting  love for my Sorors at the reunion and from fellow Bison on the “Yard”.

In a sorority full of “pretty girls” and at a school full of fly guys and girls, my military inspired dress definitely commanded attention at my alma mater.  The military trend was huge for this season and my interpretation was an army green tropical wool dress with long puff sleeves, epaulettes on the shoulders, and gold buttons on the bodice. The deep v-neck was accented by a half-moon lapel.

Military Inspired Dress

Long Puff Sleeve

Mock Military Lapel and Double Breasted Button Detail

Shoulder Epaulettes

French Cuffs

Here are some pics from the Reunion and Yardfest

Some of my SPECial Sorors

My Lovely Linesisters: Spring 2007

Spring 2000 Celebrating 10 Years of Service to our Sorority

On the Yard with my Girls

For more flicks of fashionable Bison on the YArd during Homecoming…click here to check out 25 Magazine’s Blog Sidewalk Swag

Sweatshirt Swag

9 Nov

I kicked off Homecoming weekend by rocking some alumni gear. Though I wanted to represent for alma mater, I’m not quite the t-shirt and jeans or sweats and sneakers type of girl (i”m not sure if you noticed). So I went to the Howard University Bookstore in search of something I could spice up. I didn’t want to dome something janky like cutting of the neckline and wearing it off the shoulder. No, that way too sophomoric (not to mention I did that as a sophomore in college). I wanted to do something more tailored that showed off my skills. So I took an oversized unisex sweatshirt and made it into a more narrow fitting pucker-sleeved sweatshirt.

Heres how I did it (and how you can too!)…

STEP 1: Get a sweatshirt that is at least one size larger than you would normally get. If  you get one too big it may disrupt the design on the front.

STEP 2: Cut off the sleeves. When cutting at the shoulder, cut a little higher up so your new sleeves will be able to fit naturally on your shoulder.

STEP 3: Put on the sweatshirt inside out and pin the sides so that it fits closer to the body. Dont forget to pin the arm holes as well so that the arm hole is smaller and closer in size to your natural armhole.

STEP 4: Sew along the guide you’ve created with your pins. Cut off the excess.

STEP 5: Cut the sleeves diagonally at the armhole. This will (1) make the arm hole wider and (2) shorten the sleeve so it is now a 3/4 sleeve.

STEP 6:  Take the sleeves and machine baste two rows (one at 5/8 and other at 3/8)  the length of the armhole

STEP 7: Pull the loose string on the 5/8 baste, scrunching as you go along, to create the puckered look.

STEP 8: With the sweatshirt still inside out, match the sleeves right-side-out, with the sweatshirt armholes. Adjust you srunches, and pin. Make sure the armhole of the sweatshirt and the armhole of the sleeves are equal.

STEP 9: Sew around the armhole

STEP 10: Turn it inside out, wear, and enjoy!

I paired mine with a knit skirt, knee-high socks, and high heeled hiking boots and wore it to HOWARDWOOD; a panel discussion featuring actors, producers, entertainment lawyers, an other Hollywood powers players who were also Howard alum. What a fitting occasion to wear my new outfit!

Click here for more information on HOWARDWOOD


8 Nov

The time of year I look forward to the most is Howard University Homecoming. Yes, this time of year elicits more anticipation out of me than Christmas. There is something about the annual migration of Bison back to the Mecca of Black education that gets me all warm and tingley inside. At Homecoming I look forward to seeing my freshman year floormates who took those first infant steps with me at HU. I look forward to seeing all my beautiful sorors who have helped (and continue to help) me grow. I also don’t mind seeing old flames–sometimes you need them to see you looking your best to let them know what they’re missing.

I don’t know what Homecoming is like at your alma mater, but at mine it is a living breathing fashion show. From the second you touch down on campus until the moment you depart to resume your regularly scheduled life; you are dressed to impress. Homecoming weekend events usually include class/sorority/fraternity/organizational reunions, bunches, parties, being seen on the “yard”, and oh yea the traditional homecoming football game. And yes…all those activities deserve their own well planned outfits.

I use Homecoming as my opportunity to kick off fall fashion. Held in mid-to-late October, Homecoming is the perfect time of year to break out new boots and coats, and to finally manifest those trends that were showcased on the runways. Personally, I take my Homecoming looks very seriously. While that may seem frivolous to some, it makes perfect sense to me. Think about it…you may be seeing people you havent seen in years who probably knew you when you were a snotty-nosed, wet-behind-the-ears, dorm-residing undergrad. Dont you want them to see you looking amazing as a grown up? I know I do…

You must be looking your absolute best when you answer the expected Homecoming question “So what have you been up to?” People bring their new spouses, babies, and divorce stories back to HU. They also regale you with tales of the new success they have experienced since you saw them last. It is nothing to hear that your ex-boyfriend has been living abroad teaching English and your old roommate is managing a multi-million dollar hedge fund. Being an alumnus of the school where Phylicia Rashad first developed her acting chops, where Diddy hosted his first party, and where Zola Neale Hurston started the campus newspaper, there is a lot of pressure to be a success.

So this Homecoming season I committed to wearing all of my own original designs. To say the least, this was my best Homecoming ever! Every day this week I will feature a different original outfit I wore during Homecoming so check back for updates!

In the meantime check out my past successful (and not so successful) Homecoming looks.


2009 - All Black Everything On the Yard - Black lace dress, black leather finger-less gloves, black knee-high boots, black statement necklace.

2009 - Stepshow - black liquid leggings, v-neck boyfriend tee, sequin blazer, Tory Burch mini bag

2008 - On the Yard - White chiffon dress, black leather jacket, Ksubi sunglasses, patterned tights, black suede ankle boots

2007 - AKA Reunion - pink silk dress tucked into grey pencil skirt, black tights, black pumps

2006 - On the Yard - Black and purple wrap sweater, black skinny jeans, black boots, gold door-knockers and gold cuff