Frazzle Rock

11 Jan

New Attitude!

If you know me, you know I am very easily frazzled. Misplacing my house keys when I am on the way out the door can lead me to break out into a sweat. It is very easy for the littlest mishaps in life to send  me into a fit of anxiety. If someone is 5 minutes late to meet me, or if I don’t sew in a zipper right, it could damn near throw my whole day of course.

I promised myself in 2011 I wont let things get to me as easily anymore. Where a situation is out of my control I will do my best to stay in control. We all know how new years resolutions work…we make them, are tested, and then we break them. Those of us who resolved to work out in the new year, or eat better, or save more, usually fall back into old habits before February hits.

I made my resolution right after Christmas and was tested almost immediately. I spent Christmas with my family in Toronto and planned to spend New Years with my friends in New York City. Between Toronto and New York, I had two days in DC to make a New Years Eve dress. I sketched a sequined concoction with a deep v-neck and sheer sleeves, spent a small fortune on the material, and got to work. My partner-in-crime Revae and I were planning to drive up to New York early New Years Eve morning and I finally finished the dress in the middle of the night with enough time to get a good night’s sleep.

When I tried on my new dress…I hated it. I hated the fit, I hated the color, I hated everything about it. There was no way I could ring in the new year in a dress I as not happy in. Nichole of yore would have written herself an invitation to a pity party of one, called all my friends to vent and then get mad at them when they tried to help, and maybe even cried… but I was unfazed. I really was. I don’t know where the wherewithal came from but my mind sprung into action for plan B. It was too late to hit the fabric store, and I was NOT going to buy a dress after spending all that money on material so I went through my scrap fabric bin. In the bin I found some midnight blue material from Javai’s dress from A Break in Tradition, some from Patricia’s dress from TwentyFLY & Fabulous, and from a dress I recently finished for another client.

A sleeve from here, a bodice from here, and a piece of a skirt from there, and in a few hours I pieced together a midnight blue one shoulder creation with a four panel skirt and an empire waistline. I finished the dress in just enough time to take a shower and brush my teeth before Revae arrived so we could head off to the city that never sleeps to ring in 2011.

I started the new year on the right foot by pairing the simple dress with lilac suede platform sandals and lilac tights and counted down to the new year with amazing friends at an intimate shindig. I’m really proud of myself for being not getting frazzled so I could whip up something spectacular. Looks like this new year, new attitude thing is really working for me.

Check out pictures my NYE and the dress below.


Revae and I ringing in our 4th year together!

Our NYE party hostess Carmen

Celebrating a new year with a new attitude!



FRONT: Empire waist, puff sleeve, paneled skirt


Sleeve and Bodice Detail


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