San Juan State of Mind

30 Mar

In Old San Juan

One of the best parts about being in law school (if not the only part at this juncture) is spring break. Those of us who took some time off before going back to school banished spring break to the depths of our memory bank never thinking that we would ever get a week off again without having to use vacation time. Now that I’m in law school a girls-gone-wildesque week of debauchery was not on the menu; but I certainly took the week off to take in some sun and fun. Believe it or not most law students don’t take the week of to vacay. Shocked? I know! I was too when I learned of this. Most use it to participate/prepare for write-on competitions for moot courts and law journals, do a week of legal work, or spend their days in the library. Now y’all know me so  you know that mess was out of the question.

My partner-in-crime Revae and I decided to take 5 out of our 10 spring break days (using the later 5 to study…womp womp) and head to San Juan, Puerto Rico. When I vacation I have very few objectives. I have no interest in the little excursions (once you’ve seen one rainforest you’ve seen them all), I just want to sunbathe, eat and drink very well, and meet the locals and kick it at their hangouts. Simple. After 24 hours, objectives one and two were well underway and then we met Juan.

Juan, a cinnamon colored cutie, was our server for breakfast. In or all EXclusive resort we had no idea that breakfast was $25 a day until Juan let us know he was going to comp our breakfast for the week. Later that evening Juan invited us to a neighboring resort (where he also worked) to watch the Mayorga-Cotto fight at the Puerto Rico Open tents (fully stocked with liquor sponsors). The more we talked to Juan the more we learned about him: he was 35 and had been raised in the Bronx, New York. After high school he came back to PR, where he was born, to visit family and never left. According to him life was so much easier there. In PR,  Juan is a server at one resort, a bartender at another up the road, coaches a little league team, dabbles in import/export between PR and the states, and owns his own home free and clear. In his own words his jobs are easy and pay well and the rest of his days are for him to enjoy.

The more Revae and I met San Juan residents the more similar their stories were to Juan’s. We met a guy named Ted from Toronto who visited San Juan as a student and never left and now manages a tapas restaurant. We met Wilson who worked at the resort whose parents emigrated from PR to Chicago. Wilson visited PR 8 years ago… and you guessed it; he never left. Their sentiments were all the same; San Juan is a romantic city where you can get some of the comforts and conveniences of the states but people are just far more laid back and life is easy. “Life is easy”; that was the phrase we heard from everyone everywhere we went.

In San Juan I thought about my life of law school damn near 7 days a week, designing when I can, and squeezing in a few nights of recreation (to the detriment of my study/design time). The trade-off for an “easy life” almost made me want to stay. Juan told me he knew a girl who worked for the government who could hook me up with an “easy” job as a rainforest ranger and he knew another guy who could expedite my gun permit application. As tempting as it sounded I boarded a flight back to DC 5 days later with reveries of San Juan on my mind.

Now that I am back home, I’ve brought a bit of that easy living San Juan mentality  back with me. Though my life here isn’t  easy by any stretch of the imagination I’m going to treat it as such. I’m going to approach things with ease and not stress so much. Lets see how long I can keep with this San Juan state of mind…

Check out the pants I wore as I explored old San Juan. I created the cotton voile cropped harem pants for the trip; they wore with ease and style at the same time.

Cotton Voile Harem Pants




2 Responses to “San Juan State of Mind”

  1. Mercii March 30, 2011 at 12:06 pm #


  2. Ashley March 31, 2011 at 9:11 am #

    Just wanted to let you know that at a recent internship interview, I listed you as one of my fav designers. I’ve followed your blog since you started it and I’m really impressed by how your aesthetic has grown over the past year. Keep at it!

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