31 Oct


Ok Ok Ok…I’ve said it enough…I love Homecoming…but after years of attending the event I have come up with some tips that  think can help any stylish girl participating in a weekend of events like Homecoming. These tips can work for All Star Weekend, a High School Reunion Weekend, or a Bachelorette weekend. If you see yourself going out of town (or staying in town) for a weekend of events that range from everything from a night out to a brunch to a causal social outing… check out the tips below.

Tip #1: Have a Ready-to-go Makeup Bag with a Statement Lip Color

I always buy a new lipstick for a weekend of events. For  New Years I rocked a deep purple and for my birthday I worked with a purply-pink. For Homecoming I decided to go on the hunt for a day-to-night neutral. As a chocolately sister I have been on the tail end of this “nude” trend. On my complexion nude just ends up looking like a ate a powdered donut. So instead I looked for a neutral that was close to my skin tone to go for a “faux-nude” appeal. I chose Photo by MAC Cosmetics. The color is a golden brown with a satin finish. So I packed it up in my mini-makeup bag with eyeliner, mascara, two complimentary blushes (a day and a night), press powder, and concealer (for under the eyes after late nights), and clear lip gloss which took the lip color from casual to glam.

Tip #2: Statement Outerwear

When you’re packing for a weekend away, especially in the fall, there is absolutely no way you can pack lots of coats so I suggest having a go-to statement piece of outerwear. A common mistake girls make is to bring their neutral or black coat and say “it goes with everything”. Well thats not true! In actuality glam goes with everything. This weekend I worked with the fur trend and worked the hell out of a fur vest with a shawl collar. Don’t be worried about it getting redundant. I wore it with a green chiffon maxi, a Howard sweatshirt, and a black mini dress and it looked different and fabulous every single time.

Tip #3: Try Just One Trend

Every season trends come and go and there is no better time to boldly give one a try than for a weekend of events. Let me repeat…give ONE a try. Trying too many can make you look like anyone but yourself. This weekend I decided to try the dress socks and heels thing. Ive seen it in magazines and stuff and I’ve always thought it was cool but I didn’t know how practical it was. So on Friday night I wore a little black dress with black socks and leopard platforms. It was a huge hit!

Tip #4 Big Banging Handbag

I know girls love to wear tiny little clutches for the evening but I would seriously rethink this when you’re doing a weekend full of events. Instead go with a big banging handbag. Break out your investment piece girls! Why? You can keep it packed all weekend…duh! You can leave your mini makeup bag, phone, wallet, umbrella, bottle of water, toothbrush, clean panties…whatever you need! With this method in mind you don’t have to change your bag per outfit and you can go all day (and night…wink wink).

Tip #5 If You Gotta Show Spirit…Do it in Style!

At an event like homecoming or a bachelorette you may find yourself having to wear some sort of tshirt or logo…if your must do it in style! This weekend I did a custom Howard sweatshirt with my fur vest, jean cutoffs, and combat boots. I was able to go from a tailgate to a happy hour  and support my alma mater.

Check out the pics below to see how me and my girls manifested my tips…

Statement Lipsticks Poppin'!

My girl Revae following all the rules...go-to bag, lip color, and outwear!

Our Statement Bags...big enough to go all day and glam enough to go all night

Trying Trends...oh and peep the lipstick!

Stylishly Showing School Spirit


3 Responses to “Go-To-Glam!”

  1. Courtney October 31, 2011 at 7:10 am #

    Love this post! Great tips I think every girl can definitely use.

  2. Jasmine November 4, 2011 at 8:05 am #

    Love this post! Shout out to my 3 cameo appearances!

  3. Kara Singleton January 26, 2012 at 1:32 am #

    Nichole, you’re a genius!

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